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The Methamphetamine Handbook
What You Need to Know

Brian Sallee,
Kelli Connell-Carrick,
Bruce Liebe,
Currie Myers,
Alvin Sallee

280 pages
6 x 9


ISBN 978-1-57879-073-9

This book will provide a comprehensive overview of the methamphetamine crisis and what professions must know to work with meth affected persons and their environment. As a guide for law enforcement and others, it provides current, state-of-the-art information to understand the effects of methamphetamine, detection of meth labs, and agencies working together.


Methamphetamine is the fastest growing drug of choice and the likelihood of someone dealing with a person on meth or finding a meth lab is constantly increasing. This book is based on current research and the authors' training and experience (over 70 years of combined law enforcement experience).  


Chapter 1:  Introduction

Chapter 2:  All About Methamphetamine

Chapter 3:  History of Methamphetamine & Meth Labs

Chapter 4:  The Effects of Methamphetamine

Chapter 5:  How to Spot a Lab

Chapter 6:  How to Make Meth - Almost

Chapter 7:  Hazards of Methamphetamine Production

Chapter 8:  Chemicals Leading to Meth Labs

Chapter 9:  Assistance in Locating Meth Labs

Chapter 10:  Crime Problems Caused by Meth

Chapter 11:  Dealing with a Meth Lab

Chapter 12:  Unintended Victims of Meth Labs

Chapter 13:  Impact of Meth and Meth Labs

Chapter 14:  Treatment of Methamphetamine

Chapter 15:  Everyone Working Together

Appendix A:  Protocol for Children Removed from a Meth Lab