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Cultural Awareness, Sensitivity, and Competence

Michael Winkelman
Arizona State University

260 pages
8.5 x 11


ISBN 978-1-57879-064-7


¤ Features ¤
Addresses the fundamental skills and perspectives necessary for developing cultural competence in the helping professions.
•  Material distinguishes among cultural awareness, sensitivity, competence, and proficiency and provides evaluation tools for assessing the individual's level of development.
•  Incorporates anthropological, sociological, and communication perspectives for bridging cultural differences and making effective adaptations.
•  Self-assessment exercises in each chapter provide a basis for individual evaluation and development of cultural perspectives.
•  Cultural systems models provide frameworks for assessing cultural impacts upon behavior and opportunities.
•  Cultural competence is addressed in terms of development of perspectives of ethnorelativism and provides guidelines for a development toward stages of cultural acceptance, adoption, and integration.

¤ Contents ¤
Chapter 1   Cultural Competence in the Helping Professions
Chapter 2   Race and Ethnicity
Chapter 3   Culture, Biology, and Socialization: The Psychocultural Model
Chapter 4   Cultural Systems Models
Chapter 5   Process Dynamics of Intergroup Relations
Chapter 6   Cross-Cultural Awareness, Sensitivity, and Competence
Chapter 7   Developing Cross-Cultural Competence
Chapter 8   Cross-Cultural Work in the Helping Professions