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Working with Clients in Correctional Settings - Revised Edition
A Guide for Social Workers and Corrections Professionals

Kip Coggins
New Mexico State University, Albuquerque

J. Eli Fresquez
Guadalupe County Correctional Facility

162 pages
7 x 10


ISBN 978-1-57879-017-3


Introduction: The Need for Social Work Services in Corrections
Chapter 1: How Social Workers Perceive Practice in Correctional Settings
Chapter 2: Cultural Competence: A Corrections Perspective
Chapter 3: Developing Corrections as an Arena for Social Work Practice
Chapter 4: Macro Intervention: Treating the Correctional Setting
Chapter 5: The Inmate as a Client: Understanding the Individual in His Environment
Chapter 6: The Inmate as a Client: Treating the Individual
Chapter 7: Women and Incarceration
Chapter 8: Children of Parents in Correctional Facilities
Chapter 9: Preparing Social Workers for Practice in Correctional Settings